A long-overdue website overhaul

After re-adding this to my ‘to-do’ list for longer than I would like to admit. I have finally got round to overhauling my website.

In an industry where progress moves on at quite a pace, having a website that reflects your skills, ability, and experience is always something that’s worth the effort. So this was a job that was well overdue. My original website didn’t last more than a few months before it was replaced by the most recent incarnation. Such had my skillset improved that my ‘first go’ was outdated exceptionally quickly.

But why now?

Certain events over the past few years have given us all time to have a think about what we are doing and why. Without really realising, I have clocked up 9 years experience of working in the web business and along that time I had grown as a developer and in many other areas along the way. Suffice to say that my previous website did not fairly reflect what I was offering to my clients. To web design/development I have added graphic design, social media management, SEO (on page, off page is still an area I haven’t yet explored) and online marketing. So my website had to reflect these offers to new and potential clients.

Regardless of the requirement for an update. I do remain very proud of the longevity of my website’s previous incarnation. Whilst the information may have become obsolete, the functionality had lasted admirably. When I build sites I am always aware of my tendency to prioritise function over form. A trait that has provided my clients with long-lasting websites which have served them well in attracting new clients, users, and customers.

So, I hope you like my new site, and if you want to work with me then I would be more than happy to talk through your business and how I can best help you move forward on the web.

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